Balancing Cancer Treatment Side Effects And Relationship Turmoil

Cancer Journey Coach, Karen Millerwise, along with Breast and Gynecologic Oncology Nurse Navigator, Jennifer Giangiulio, led a live chat for RevivAll’s cancer community on managing treatments, side effects, and relationships.

As a breast cancer survivor and cancer caregiver, Karen was able to relate, both on a personal and professional level, to the experiences and dilemmas by those who joined the live chat. During the chat, Jennifer directed patients to online resources and offered advice on how to communicate with medical care teams. Together, Jennifer and Karen answered questions from newly diagnosed cancer patients as well as patients currently undergoing treatments for a variety of cancers.

Our cancer community is very grateful for the support and leadership of our chat co-hosts!

We also would like to thank everyone who shared their questions and experiences during the live chat. Our hosts received so many questions we ran overtime! We hope to see those who joined and newcomers at our next live chat.


Karen Millerwise

karen cohost iconKaren Millerwise is a 20+ year breast cancer survivor and Cancer Journey Coach. She helps others move forward from cancer and answer the question “now what?”. Her mantra is “You are not your cancer.” As a Cancer Journey Coach, Karen guides cancer patients and survivors in facing negative thoughts head on, connecting with their inner self and reclaiming their power.

Karen Millerwise is a certified Cancer Journey Coach. She is board certified as a NLP Practitioner, and Relationship, Leadership and Performance Coach. Karen became a Cancer Journey Coach late in her career. She spent over 10 years working as a Marketing executive. Her previous work doesn’t compare in terms of job happiness.


Jennifer Giangulio

jennifer g cohost iconJennifer Giangiulio is an experienced Oncology Nurse Navigator, with experience in Medical/ Surgical Oncology, Chemotherapy and Cancer Care. Jennifer currently helps patients navigate at the beginning stages of their diagnosis, and throughout the continuum of care. Jennifer’s goal is to improve the cancer care experience and to help families navigate through the complexities of cancer care.

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